DSPE Conference 2021

“Good re-union and meeting new people, great balance between listening and networking, fun, entertaining, very constructive, new developments, received a lot of feedback, like a warm blanket, very balanced program, hospitality was great, broad variations on topic, very good networking event with open atmosphere, intesting technical discussions, inspiring, comfortable, various impressive talks, nice balance in subjects, local & global subjects, good mix of talks, demos and posters, informal, educational, eyeopening, vibrant, great community, very lively open event, interesting, inspiring, gezellig!, valuable for broadening horizon.”

– Remarks of the successful 2018 edition –

Meet your peers in precision!

This event is only for members of our Society, Brainport Industries, CGM and MSKE. It will be exclusive for 75 people face2face, according the Covid rules.

This 2021 event will combine two elements:

  • Inspirational presentations from multiple invited international speakers from adjacent applications areas like bio-inspired mechatronics, robot assisted surgery, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more.
  • Opportunity of the community to meet/network and exchange idea’s in a pleasant atmosphere including a BBQ.

All participants of the event will come together in a hangar of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historial Flights at the military airport in Gilze Rijen and follow most of the presentations online that are shown on a large screen in a theatre-like setting.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight was created in 1969 from a group of former fighter pilots of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In the years that followed, several historic aircraft were added to the fleet, carefully restored and brought into airworthy condition, such as a Tiger Moth, Spitfire, Beaver, Harvard, Fokker S.11, B25 Mitchell and others.

We organize our DSPE Conference between these historic aircraft, including a tour led by aviation engineers. A host will facilitate the Q&A session. After the presentations there will be drinks and on the first day a BBQ for all participants.

This concept addresses the need of the community to meet and network face2face instead of only via teleconferencing and the need to be inspired by colleagues worldwide.

Organising committee
Adrian Rankers & Annemarie Schrauwen

Advisory Board
Jan van Eijk – Dennis Bos – Henk Thomassen – Wouter Jonker – Richard Van Lieshout – Jeroen Theeuwes – Cor Ottens – Ton Peijnenburg – Jeroen Dekkers – Frank Sperling – Henk Tappel – Pieter Nuij – Marc Vermeulen – Georgo Angelis – Jan van den Brink

We look forward to meeting you at this special edition!

Impression DSPE Conference 2018